An impromptu behind the scenes video of a landscape photo shoot along the Wenatchee river at Plain WA

By Photographer Dominic Urbano


Wenatchee photography
Landscape photo taken in the Wenatchee River at Plain WA. See the video below for how the image was captured.

Sometimes landscape photography means getting your feet wet. So while a large chunk of the U.S. population was watching the Superbowl… I was out wading around up to my knees in the icy water of the Wenatchee river near my home in Plain WA. I had been waiting for the right combination of light and clouds to make the short trip to a set of cliffs that is near my home. While getting ready to take the first photo it occurred to me to try a little behind the scenes video using my new iPhone. So with the iPhone propped on a rock along side the river I went about the work of trying to capture my landscape shot.

Behind the scenes of a landscape photography shoot on the Wenatchee River by photographer, Dominic Urbano



Published by Dominic Urbano

A native of Washington state Dominic is a 1989 graduate of Central Washington University with degrees in mass communications - video production, and business management.