Leavenworth Ski Hill – Bakke Cup 2012

by Photographer, Dominic Urbano

Community events that are kid focused are my favorites. I spent Saturday at the 2012 Bakke Cup on the Leavenworth Ski Hill. Members of the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club and parents put on a great day of low-key competitive skiing for the local kids. The events included giant slalom, distance jumping, and cross country skiing. It was a fun day of competition unlike anything I have seen in quite some time.  Every kid was showered with cheers and cowbells rang constantly as each took their turn on the slopes. Missing was the usual competitive tension that so often starts with the parents and is then reflected in the children. The Bakke Cup was, quite literally, smiles all around. As a long time competitive coach, athlete, and the parent of kids who came up through the often not so pleasant ranks of competitive soccer, this was a real treat to witness. It is a great example of how it is possible to teach kids how to compete without having to give up their natural propensity for smiling.

bakke cup 2012

I can’t tell you who won any given event or who the champion of the day was. I am new to this community and don’t know Jack, Jill, Suzie, Steve, or their parents. For me, it was an opportunity to spend a bit of time soaking up a bit of the culture of my new community. The few times that I peeked out from behind my camera, I was met with smiles, and folks telling me that they were glad I was there. It is worth mentioning that they didn’t know me… I just showed up all on my own… yet I was still made to feel welcome. Who wouldn’t like that?