Cascade Quest

Cascade Quest dog sled race at Lake Wenatchee

Cascade Quest Dog Sled Race 2013

With just a couple of hours to spare in what has become a really busy schedule I headed up the road a few miles to take in a bit of the 2013 Cascade Quest dog sled races. While I have no experience with dog sled racing, I really love to see working dogs and the people who handle them. These dogs seem immeasurably happy and I admire the effort that it must take for the owners to tend to such packs of high energy dogs.

With the dog sled races set to start at 9AM I placed myself about 400 meters out from the start and spent the next hour watching the teams of grinning dogs and mushers swoosh by.

The photo below is just one of many happy dog faces… but this one really has me laughing. This dog must be smiling… as he looks directly into the camera. Somehow I am guessing that I look like a tempting snack laying along the side of the trail.

Cascade Quest
Happy to be running in the 2013 Cascade Quest dog sled race!