Traveling Hindsights – Photography and travel articles by Pacific Northwest photographer Dominic Urbano

Welcome to “Traveling Hindsights” my travel & photography blog.

This is a collection of articles that come from my travels and work as a general photographer.

With over 25 years experience as a photographer and educator my aim is to offer observations about the places I have traveled. I am a photographer, so my observations are usually coming from that perspective, but the aim is really just to add to the useful pool of information available to others who might be researching and making their own travel plans or looking for some great photos of places that they have already been.

You will find a mix of my travel experiences and photography related commentary. For the first few years I was a reluctant blogger and was’t entirely sure what I wanted this site to be so I did not write much, and when I did I often jumped in and out of photographer mode. Recently I started writing more photography tip oriented articles at my other blog site, with the intent to keep Traveling Hindsights a bit more focused on information about the places rather than the practice of photography.

The Baths on Virgin Gorda.

Waist deep in water deep under the boulders at The Baths on Virgin Gorda.

Ultimately I manage multiple photography related web sites. Each with its own purpose in life. (or at least that is the intent)

The Twisted Cliff Gallery

…is where I work (when I am not traveling) and display my photography. Yes, an actual gallery storefront. Pretty old fashioned, but I still think that a photograph is not really finished until it has been printed. In my gallery all of my prints are on metal. The impressive clarity of these prints on aluminum just can’t be matched. It reminds me of what it was to look at a color transparency (a slide) through a loupe. Incredibly clarity and depth that just was not possible with previous print processes.

The newest addition is the Dominic Urbano Photography web site.

I realized that I needed to try to narrow down my blog site purposes a bit so I added this site to offer my two cents to the world of photography tips and instruction. Besides… it occurred to me that maybe I should purchase my own name url before someone else bought it and tried to capitalize on my fame.

Contact Dominic directly for signature prints or photography assignment inquiries.


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