Pacific Crest Trail Hike Gear Links

Pacific Crest Trail 2018 Hike Gear List.

Below is a mix of links to gear that I have purchased for my Pacific Crest Trail though hike. I researched and purchased all of my own gear. There are no sponsored products and I have no affiliation with any of these companies. The Amazon links are “associate” links that will have no impact on your purchase price but Amazon will give me compensation for the referral.

Anker 21w Dual USB Solar –

Originally I had decided against taking a solar charger on the PCT, but bought this one and was quickly convinced to take it with me. The slight increase in my pack weight is worth not having to search for and outlet and then wait for a battery charge.

Anker 10050 battery.

I chose this as my external battery pack. Tough to decide on how much battery to take. More mA equals more weight. This battery will charge my iPhone about three times and works seamlessly with my Anker solar charger.

GLIF Tripod Mount for iPhone

The key selling point to this nice little tripod mount for the iPhone is that it has three seperate 1/4 inch threaded mounting points. This allowed me to have the Jobi tripod mounted on one end and the StickPic mounted on the other. This eliminated the need to ever screw / unscrew parts. A big help while hiking!

The Twisted Cliff LLC - Anacortes WA